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At Phyll we started using and launching our first textile which is Seacell; 28% seaweed and 72% organic cotton. Then we expanded to a variety of sustainable textiles and recycled materials. Always using Seacell as a base.


SeaCell, like lyoCell, is a100% biodegradable synthetic fiber but differs in that SeaCell is made from seaweed in addition to Eucalyptus wood cellulose. It is one of the mos tsustainable fabrics because its elaboration hardly requires water and does not need fertilizers. The natural properties of seaweed are very beneficial for the skin, providing antioxidants and protection against free radicals.


Lyocell is a state-of-the-art natural fiber, environmentally friendly. It is the same base and type of production as SeaCell, with the difference that LyoCell does not carry seaweed. 

recycled fabrics

Our recycled fabrics are based on noble materials with fabrics that no longer have use and we give it a new life.


French and Italian silks. Natural, soft and of the best quality. They are generally single colors and we produce small quantities.

textile properties and care


These products offer a range of benefits, being rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential trace elements. They are high in antioxidants, have patented technology for long-lasting performance, and are biodegradable/compostable/organic. With a soft touch and great moisture absorption, they provide maximum comfort. The use of FSC certified wood and sustainable seaweed harvesting demonstrates their commitment to environmental responsibility. The algae fibers are easy to sterilize, possess antiviral properties, and promote cell regeneration for healthier skin.


Lyocell is a natural fiber of the latest generation, respectful with the environment that is obtained from the same materials as SeaCell except for seaweed. The result is a very soft fabric that regulates body temperature, is very resistant and absorbent.

We recommend that you wash with cold water and by hand so that your clothes have a longer durability. If you want to wash with a machine, we recommend that it be in mode: Delicate, at 30º, without centrifuging and drying naturally.

washing instructions

Hand wash is always recommended, in case you can't it is also possible to machine wash.

Machine washing

- Delicate mode (30º - 40º).

- Do NOT spin-dry.

- DO NOT tumble dry.

It is important to dry naturally and do not remove excess water after machine washing so that the garments do not lose their original size.

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