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Article: My motivation for creating Phyll

My motivation for creating Phyll

My motivation for creating Phyll

I like to deliver naturalness, comfort and seasonal products. I always really liked clothes and especially textiles, the quality and looseness of the fabrics.

As a designer I am very passionate about textures, lightness of materials and good quality in clothes. I feel very different when I wear a fabric that “breathes”, is comfortable, adapts to my body and, above all, does not make me sweat. The quality of the materials is a very important part of getting a good product.

Clothes being in first contact with the skin, can be a care and positive contribution to it or on the contrary, cover the pores and contaminate it. In the case of Phyll, we only make garments that have first contact with the skin and for me it is essential to feel that when I dress I am taking care of myself and taking care of the largest organ in our body, which is the skin. This is one of the reasons why at Phyll we have comfortable, timeless, elegant garments with neutral and natural colors.

Elegance is comfortable and does not go out of style, it is seen both in the colors, shapes, movements, texture and scenic of a product, in Phyll having an elegant stamp in every way, both visual and production is fundamental and a challenge.

Innovate within the possibilities that Phyll's pillars give us:

  • Elegance

  • Comfort

  • Naturalness

  • Subtlety

  • lightness

  • Happiness

  • Quality

  • Nobility

Phyll's production starts from choosing a textile that meets our requirements (comfortable, sustainable, low impact, light, with good movement, quality, that lasts over time).

Then I see the possibilities of that textile and we design. Design inspirations are always around a light, entertaining, active lifestyle, designs that make you feel happy, comfortable, beautiful and above all that you stand out and take care of yourself. Designs in which you feel "on vacation"... when designing I always think of Mediterranean beaches and the lifestyle that this expresses. I see the books of the Assouline publishing house, both from Ibiza, Morocco, Capri, among others, and then between the colors and what the images express to me, I already have a thousand ideas to draw.

When the designs are already defined and the textiles in hand, the mold production begins, which I always do together with our seamstress Mira to define the final details together. First we make a prototype and when we approve it we continue with production in different sizes. Many times we make a moderate stock and then continue producing on demand. I like to do all the labeling and packaging part personally to make sure that it arrives with love towards its owner and everything is in order!

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